Tuesday – 6/6/2017 – TTT

A – Squat snatch x 12 reps for time @ 165lbs, rest 4 min x 3 sets2:28



B – Squat clean x 6 reps for time @ 245lbs, rest 4 min x 3 sets




C – Clean grip deadlift x 10 TNG reps, rest 3-4 x 10 sets

Might have bit off a little more than I wanted to chew but went for 


Hung on but it was a grind
D1 – Prone scorpion twists x 4/side

D2 – Supine scorpion twists x 4/side

D3 – Kipping toes to rings x 8, rest as needed x 3 sets

These are always great reminders to me that I can feel when I break at the hip and over extend and always keep tension in my shoulders.


Ski erg 1.5 easy cooldown

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