Wednesday – 6/7/2017 – TTT

12 sets of 3 banded strict HSPU, not for timeThe bands I needed to make this effective were not present in pairs, so this was an up and down struggle. Going to buy my own personal pair so this will no longer be an issue

E4MOM x 4 sets

Row 44 cals, into

Set 1 – 20 back squats @ 145

Set 2 – 20 front squats @ 105

Set 3 – 24 wallballs @ 30lbs

Set 4 – 44 air squats with weight vest

(each set starts with row, only change squatting variation)

The 10 extra pounds on back squat didn’t effect much at all

However I feel the 10 extra on the front squat did

Once again the wall balls ate my lunch

And barely got in the air squats
This is fun and I love the challenge but man it kicks my ass

Easy bike and hip flow cooldown

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