Friday – 6/9/2017 – TTT

A – Power snatch cluster 1.1.1 x 4, rest 15 sec/2 min (all at 180-190 this week)
185 for 3, 190

4 rounds for time
15 deadlifts @ 185lbs
15 toes to bar
30 cal bike
I wanted to attack the bike today, howerver I might have attacked it a little too hard in the first round, I don’t feel I went lactic but I feel I got pretty damn close.
B1 – 1-arm alternating KB sots press x 6/side (can elevate heels as needed to provide balance), rest 90 sec
B2 – Band resisted KB rows x 12 (, rest 90 sec x 5
C1 – DB side bends x 6-8/side
C2 – Banded Y’s from hollow x 6-8
C3 – Banded pulldowns from hollow x 6-8 (, rest as needed x 5 sets
D – Sandbag half moons from tall kneeling x 8/direction, rest 90 sec x 5 sets

All accessory done. Felt way more effective on hollow position work today. But work before that I wasn’t feeling of sound mind and recovered quite yet.

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