Friday – 6/16/2017 – TTT

A – Power snatch cluster 1.1 x 5, rest 20 sec/3 min (all at 190+ this week)all at 190.

Wasn’t a shit show, but all completed as a power. Felt slower than I would liked to have been, but felt better with speed towards the last 2 sets. Position of pulling felt good, even though I felt slow I never had a fear that I wasnt’ going to be able to receive in a power so I guess that’s an improvement

AMRAP 6 min

6 deadlifts @ 225

6 bar facing burpees

(rest to the 10 min mark)

3 rounds for time

10 cal bike

10 burpees (jump/clap)


Mini plans i set out for myself. After first round of burpee I found myself wanting to take the shuffle steps, so I told myself that when you land pivot and turn right away. Other mini goal was to keep moving, high breathing rate but knew how short it was to never stop moving, even if you want to slow down, don’t stop moving
On bike and burpee

Knowing that in this the burpee would take the longest, I wasn’t going to game it at all, I wanted to see how hard and fast I could move on the bike and see how it effected the burpee and could I push through.

I love all these bike workouts, especially when I can hit a bike that has measurables because I have a huge desire to keep increasing my output and threshold on the bike

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