Saturday – 6/17/2017 – TTT

A1 – Glide kips with slide assist x 3 reps for quality, rest 30 secA2 – Jumping Bar MU x 2-3 for quality (keep arms straight through pull as long as possible), rest 2:30 x 3 sets

B – Piked HS walk 180 degrees + 5 piked HSPU with hips above hands + 10 alternating shoulder taps from piked HS + Piked HS walk 180 degrees, rest walk 2-3 min x 3 sets

I liked these way better than the 2x/direction

C1 – Band assisted tucked planche x 15-20 sec, rest 1 min

I did kind of eat it on one set of these, lol

C2 – Band assisted L-sit from floor x 15-20 sec, rest 1 min x 5


Row 80 cals @ 25 s/m, rest walk 30 sec x 3 sets (all 3 sets at or under 4:30)




Was consistently at 25, with some skipping back and forth from 24-26. The second set was a grind and I was wondering if I went a little too hot on the first one. 

And when you say rest walk 30 sec, you really should say stand up out of your seat shake your legs out a little and sit back down because that’s all the time you have.

Breathing felt pretty good here today.


Ido squat in full

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