Friday – 9/8/2017 – TTT

Run warmupBasic Blood Flow/Prep:

Easy Walk/Jog 400m 



Banded lateral monster walk x 8/direction

Seated Hip Rotations; 8/leg 

Leg Swings; 10 forward/leg, 10 side/leg 

Side to Side Lunge; 10/leg 

Forward/Back Line Drills; 20 reps 

Side to Side Line Drills; 20 reps 


Dynamic Activation (10yds each): 

Knee Hug March 

Lunge to Lizard

Single Leg RDL w Toe Touch to Kick 


Carioca (each side) 

Side to Side Lunge w Jump 

Ankle to Elbow 

Butt Kicks 

High Knees 

Power Skip 


Progressive Speed Warm-up (run the prescribed distance while slowly building to prescribed effort): 

1x50yds @ 70% 

1x50yds @ 80% 

1x50yds @ 90% 

rest walk 3 min x 2-3 sets 


4 sets, start a new set every 5 min

Run 400m in 90-95 sec

immediately into 2 rounds for time

10 burpees

10 box jumps

87- 3:25



Turnover of gymnastics movements was slow and methodical. Runs (on true form) were not the limiter, could’ve sustained that effort for one more round, maybe 2. But not sure about the gymnastics movements. Not sure as well how much pushing the runs effected my burpee and box jump but was happy that all runs were completed w/in time 

Hanging lat activates x 3 + bottom half pullups x 3 + top half pullups x 3 (maintain hollow position for pullups) –

Reverse table plank press ups with 5 sec hold at top of each x 3-4

rest as needed x 3 sets

a big fan of the hanging lat activates. 

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