Saturday – 9/9/2017 – TTT

Today was the day I have more company coming in so I knew I would get my session in just had to be early. I chose to sleep in a few extra minutes, knew this would sacrifice the ideal warm up, but I wanted to prioritize the extra sleep. 
My plan going into this was to treat it as if it were a competition workout, where the burpee needs to be where I minimize time wasted and be faster than I want to be. To do so decided to break up thruster and c2b conservatively in 7/7/6. 

AMRAP 20 min

20 thrusters @ 135

20 C2B

20 burpees over

Breaking up reps was a good plan but no killer instinct today and rested too much b/t sets but you can almost assume that was going to happen. Burpee I did a good job of keeping moving until finishing round 3, at this point it was mental and just didn’t want to go. It was more about not wanting to pick up the barbell again. 

Didn’t/don’t give myself enough credit of the progress we’ve made with gymnastics development, did the 7/7/6 first round and hated I couldn’t get the rhythm so went 14/6 the last 2 round and that felt pretty good, better rhythm and felt I got quicker as I went. 

Pull up bars were pretty crowded, had to work around a few next time this happens would not allow this as an excuse for extra rest. Finally broke down and used hand grips, was learning experience but east transition. 
212 total burpee for the week. 

thorough cooldown

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