Monday – 9/11/2017 – TTT – video

A – 1 strict MU + 3 kipping MU – 3 sets, rest as needed
B – 5 strict HSPU + 10 kipping HSPU – 4 sets, rest as needed
Video is of 2nd set of muscle ups and 3rd of hspu
Muscle ups feel really solid right now, hspu not as crisp, felt a little more restricted through my neck and shoulders today. I’m sure this played a huge role there.

Muscle up + hspu 

Bike 120 sec progressive intensity, faster every 20 sec, starting around 250 watts and ending around 450 watts, directly into
AMRAP 4 min
10 wallballs
10 hang power cleans @ 95lbs
30 DU’s
rest slow spin on bike 4 min x 3 sets
3 + 3 – missed on double under in each round
3 + 9
This was one of the first times I have pushed through the heavy uncomfortable breathing, I would assume the psychological factors were that I’m solid at wall balls and dubz, and the power clean was so light there’s not reason to not pick it up and go. If it were heavier that might have played a mental factor.
The last round was harder to get the 450 watts, had to really try for it, first 2 were solid and spot on.
C1 – BB rollouts from tall kneeling x 6-8, rest 1 min
C2 – Banded pull throughs from wide(r) stance x 6-8, rest 1 min x 3 sets

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  1. Adam Rogers

    is your head as close to that beam as it looks on the MU?


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