Monday – 6/5/2017 – TTT

Heavy slam ball bear hug carry 100ft + 6 bear hug squats, rest 2 min x 5So I had the creepiest/freakiest thing happen to me with this today in my very first set. 100lb DB in bear hug on first 50ft lit my hamstrings up so much and then to my low back and it was a weird lit up, almost if I kept going I might have passed out. Freaked me out. So I dropped at 50ft, picked up and completed the next 50 and then went to squat and my body said hell no. I am a little stubborn so I got a lighter sandbag and squatted it. 

2nd set I was scared to force the issue walking 100ft unbroken so I dropped at 50, and then squatted and then from there I was good. 

What i did notice in later sets that if I hyper extended my back to compensate for position while walking I felt that sensation but not as intense. But after set 3 I was fine all the way around 


Bent over forward sled drag bent over with straight legs x 125ft, rest 30 sec

Backwards sled drag x 125ft, rest 3 min x 6 sets

Had to be done inside to do heavy rains outside so the loading progressions will be inconsistent, but feel was good.


Dbl farmer carry 30 sec on, rest 30 sec x 6


Had access to these, and from set 3 is where the time under tension kicked in I feel


HS rebalancing against wall x 30 sec, rest as needed for quality x 6

Got a little bold here with trying the rebalancing 


Band series –


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